they love travelling
they love travelling

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George about Yana

Yana is a story-teller, a journalist and the founder of her own company Creactive PR. She is also a child, who initiated the Chelik Game Festival.
She can tell everything – stories, inspiration, you name it; she can see the most mundane reality in unusually vivid words. Yana stands for a Samodiva, a fairy, a colourful dreamer, a river. She loves to travel without a schedule and often without a definite final destination, so that she can take the universe by surprise and be surprised herself in turn. She doesn’t like dresses much and she looks so pretty in a dress!
She wears red sneakers size 36.

Yana about George

George creates web projects and has founded Creative Design company. He supports these with a vision and optimization of the online environment. He creates his sites the way I write my stories – with determination and a smile on his face. He has the coolest wake- up tune on his smart phone.
He loves sharp turns, people of integrity and difficult routes. He travels with music blaring at maximum volume. He only ever takes the motorway as a last resort. He discovers our best places at sunset. And he is a good person. He would never leave you stranded on the road. He gave me a lift at 2 o’clock a.m. at a time when I could have scared anybody stiff.
He wears red sneakers size 45.

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